Interactive Workshops

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As a result of our workshops, leaders will be better able to:

  • Practice SELF-AWARENESS in their leadership

  • Maintain WELL-BEING AND RESILIENCE in the face of stress


  • Understand the FEARS, NEEDS, AND HOPES of their colleagues and employees


  • Provide CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK and advice

Leaders walk away with:

  • Tools for developing awareness, managing stress, and regulating difficult emotions

  • Practices for realistic self-care and genuine self-compassion

  • Practices for mindful listening and having difficult conversations

  • Practices to become more intentional in your actions and decisions

  • Practices for connecting more meaningfully with others in meetings and one-on-one

How it works

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Capacity: Our workshops are highly interactive and we limit the size to 20-40 participants

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Duration: 2-day onsite workshop, 4 weeks practice followed by 1.5 hour virtual webinar

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Design: Some theory and more experiential practices, including coaching, role-playing, and group exercises

To learn more and receive a sample workshop agenda, contact us using the link below.

I found the presentation of material, examples, and exercises extremely helpful and valuable. I felt immediately equipped to use the tools and it made a difference in my life on the very first day - a big mind shift in understanding myself and managing these situations currently at play in the office.
— Director, Macy's
The opportunity to use my existing relationships in life as a practice space, supported by coaching and course material along the way, was a powerful and valuable new type of work for me.
— Business Analyst, Search Inside Yourself Instructor, Google
Being a leader in today’s rapidly shifting world requires honing skills that are often absent in traditional leadership trainings. Bravely acknowledging one’s own shortcomings, and then developing a mindset that leads to behavioral shifts in your self-awareness and compassion for others are powerful results of Leading Through Connection’s programs.
— Principal Managing Partner, New Bureau

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