We partner with leaders, institutions, and organizations that believe compassion is essential to achieving the greatest collective impact


We believe that organizational, systems, and societal change take time and that technical solutions are rarely enough. We address the human and relational aspects of leadership and change.

Our unique approach starts with building leaders' awareness of their mental models, assumptions, and emotions, and then working to shift how they impact their actions and decisions.

However, we also believe that "every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets." (source) We take a continuous improvement approach and work with diverse stakeholders to improve processes, engagement, and collaboration to get results.

Our partnerships typically involve:

  1. COLLECTING INPUT:  Co-creating an effective partnership requires a collective understanding of what we're trying to accomplish. What is the ideal state of things? What is the current state? What are the priorities?

  2. RAISING AWARENESS:  Building buy-in for change needs to start with (re)defining compassion for stakeholders and demonstrating why it matters and how it can benefit leaders and the organization.

  3. ALIGNING VALUES:  Understanding and operating within your values is a key part of leading with compassion. We help you identify and make your values explicit, as well as align with them across the organization. 

  4. SKILL-BUILDING:  Compassion can be cultivated and infused into daily actions and decision-making. We provide the support necessary to help leaders shift their behavior and bring out their best selves. We also teach and provide numerous tools and practices to stakeholders based on needs, values, and goals.

Compassion builds followership and results in more effective decisions and lasting outcomes

While compassion can be applied to many aspects of leadership, we have found it to be a crucial and high-leverage tool across six key leadership challenges:

doctor burnout.jpeg

Reducing burnout in care-giving and social service organizations


change management.jpeg

Managing complexity, uncertainty, and stress in change management efforts


Designing humane technology and innovations


Developing customer- and human-centered policies and processes


Engaging stakeholders in collective impact and continuous improvement initiatives

woman leader NASA.jpg

Developing emotionally intelligent and compassionate managers and leaders

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