Leading through connection

Build a culture of connection and compassion

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We train leaders in the relational skills necessary to authentically connect to the people they lead and work with

Effective leadership is LESS technical and MORE relational. In today’s world, established leadership models are no longer sufficient for success. Now is the time to develop new competencies to transform your leadership.

Our unique approach is grounded in two core competencies: mindfulness and compassion

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Mindfulness has largely been promoted as a practice for benefiting the self, such as to improve productivity or to relieve stress.  We push this further and use mindfulness with the intention to benefit others.

Compassion means going beyond empathy to take constructive action to make things better. Compassion is often misunderstood by leaders as "being nice or soft" or "loving everyone." In fact, it can look fierce or gentle but always helps others to be successful.

When both mindfulness and compassion are applied in leadership, they transform organizations and drive results.

We bring a decade of experience in business strategy, quality improvement, and contemplative practice