Leading through connection

Making compassion a necessity for today's leaders

We are seeing growing concerns about issues like toxic workplaces, technology that puts our privacy at risk, and economic incentives that aren't aligned with our collective values. 

Leaders need a better way to consider the human implications of their decisions without relying on religion or a universal moral framework. In working with leaders across sectors, we've found compassion to be the key. 


Compassion means going beyond empathy to take constructive action to make things better

Compassion is often misunderstood by leaders as "being nice or soft" or "loving everyone." In fact, compassion can look fierce or gentle but always has an intention to benefit others. When used effectively, leaders build followership, make more effective decisions, and drive lasting outcomes.

We help leaders build resilience, improve decision-making, and create lasting change 


Why does compassion matter in leadership?

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How do I bring LTC to my organization?


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