We bring compassionate leadership to organizations

Consulting Engagements

Compassionate leadership is understanding where you and others are coming from, feeling for yourself and others in a genuine way, and helping yourself and others to be successful. This entails competencies such as mindfulness, emotion regulation, intentionality, values alignment, compassionate communication, delivering the truth with kindness, and providing compassionate feedback.

These competencies need to be integrated within existing organizational and learning and development goals, processes, and programs in order to be effective and sustain meaningful transformation. The most cost-effective way to do this is to develop a unique compassionate leadership curriculum that fits your culture and needs.

We help you do this through three phases:

  • Discovery and Needs Assessment: Assessing what works best for your organization’s needs and priorities and within your unique culture

  • Instructional Design: Creating customized offerings in partnership, including formulating objectives, selecting and creating content, scope and sequence, designing learning experiences, and determining the evaluation approach

  • Implementation and Evaluation: Facilitating initial trainings and assessing the impact of interventions over time, inclusive of mapping to business metrics and performance goals

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Compassionate Leadership Development Training

If your organization would like to supplement existing trainings, this workshop series helps leaders to improve wellbeing and resilience, strengthen authentic connection to others, and results in more constructive and effective communication and interaction.

The curriculum involves three interconnected dimensions: 1) Building Self-Knowledge, 2) Developing a Connective Mindset, and 3) Leading with Constructive Action. Our methodology trains leaders in the 12 competencies within these dimensions, including mindfulness and emotional intelligence, so that compassionate leadership becomes authentic, embodied, and effective. Our trainings are experiential and interactive, with minimal theory. We have found that experiential learning leads to increased engagement and learning.

Our most effective and popular workshop involves:

  • 2-day onsite training, 4 weeks practice followed by 1-day onsite training or 1.5 hour webinar

  • 15 - 20 participants per group

  • Frameworks and experiential practices for the 12 competencies within compassionate leadership, including coaching, role-playing, and group exercises

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I found the presentation of material, examples, and exercises extremely helpful and valuable. I felt immediately equipped to use the tools and it made a difference in my life on the very first day - a big mind shift in understanding myself and managing these situations currently at play in the office.
— Director, Macy's
I went to a good number of management training sessions but none of them was as comprehensive as this one. This training struck the right balance between explaining the approaches you can use to lead compassionately and experiencing them to really understand what it means to lead with compassion.
— Engineering Manager, Collective Health
Being a leader in today’s rapidly shifting world requires honing skills that are often absent in traditional leadership trainings. Bravely acknowledging one’s own shortcomings, and then developing a mindset that leads to behavioral shifts in your self-awareness and compassion for others are powerful results of Leading Through Connection’s programs.
— Principal Managing Partner, New Bureau

Customized Workshops

We customize workshops and online learning content. We have developed 12 modules that are each 1.5 hours in length that can be provided as a whole journey or in parts depending on your needs.

Examples of customized offerings:

  • Compassionate Communication: Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

  • Self-Compassion for Leaders: Strengthening Resilience and Wellbeing

  • Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation for Difficult Situations at Work

These kinds of training can be incorporated to enhance:

  • Diversity and Inclusion training (ex. Managing Bias)

  • Team building workshops or offsites

  • Leadership values alignment initiatives

  • Organizational transformation efforts

The opportunity to use my existing relationships in life as a practice space, supported by coaching and course material along the way, was a powerful and valuable new type of work for me.
— Business Analyst, Search Inside Yourself Instructor, Google

Speaking Engagements and Conferences

We speak frequently at conferences and can provide keynotes or interactive workshops.

Examples of topics and conferences include:

  • Leading Through Connection, Wisdom 2.0, Audience: 300

  • Keynote, Bringing fundamentally new methods of connection into donor relationships, National Charities Review Forum 2019, Audience: 400

  • Leading Through Connection Workshop, Upswell, Audience: 50

  • Women Together We The Change, Eileen Fisher, Audience: 160

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