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Leading in the modern world requires an ability to navigate stress, constant change, and complexity while staying connected to our teams, colleagues, and those we serve. Connection doesn’t require extra time or resources. It is authentically and meaningfully relating to others in our daily actions and behaviors. We help you embody mindsets and habits for connection.

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In times of stress, growth and transition, we sometimes lead in ways that we're not happy with. We ignore our needs, become reactive, and make rash decisions. We address these challenges and more in our 8-week programs for individual leaders: Foundations for Connection and Fierce Compassion at Work.                     

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Periods of rapid growth and uncertainty can throw your leadership team into survival mode. The resulting lack of cohesion leads to a vicious cycle of increased stress and tension, and reduced cooperation and effectiveness. Our customizable leadership team program addresses connection challenges to improve cohesion.

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100% of program participants have experienced a meaningful shift in how they interact with others.

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Being a leader in today’s rapidly shifting world requires honing skills that are often absent in traditional leadership trainings. Bravely acknowledging one’s own shortcomings, and then developing a mindset that leads to behavioral shifts in your self-awareness and compassion for others is a powerful result of the Leading Through Connection program.
— Peter Raymond, Principal Managing Partner, The New Bureau
LTC increased my awareness of my thoughts. I became more aware when I’m in my head and when I’m supposed to be present with others. I’ve learned that I do very little self-care and I never understood the link between that and my relationships. I would recommend this to anyone who has a desire to create (even) better relationships with people, from family, friends, team members or long as you have an open mind, the journey will take care of itself.
— Kate Masschelein, Vice President, Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson


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